Oakwood Manor Homeowners Assn.


While Hurricane Irma was devastating to a good portion of Florida, our little piece of
paradise was once again spared most of the damage. We had a few residents who rode out the storm in their homes while the majority of residents evacuated when told to. Our park, while it did get some damage, was spared most of the horror that has been shown in the news. We had some homes that were/are without electricity, but the majority of homes had little or no damage.

On October 2 and subsequent days, volunteers helped to pick up debris and load it into a dumpster to help clean up the park.

We had many hands preparing for this weather, getting everything secured as good as possible. After the storm, we had a manager, board members present and staff who have spent hours helping to put everything back in place and get help to those who needed it. Once again, Oakwood Manor has shown to the world that it is truly our little bit of paradise and we are a big “family” who helps each other “weather the storms”.